The Landscape

87% of your customers use social media every day. They use the internet to search for information on the products and services they want, and create very specific communities that are easily reached by stores but not by brands.
Despite being trusted by customers, stores are not always able to communicate effectively on social media. RedHab’s aim is to solve this problem.

Our target audience

RedHab is a solution for brands that understand the value of communicating with their end customers through their retailers’ social media pages and Google My Business profiles.
It is aimed at brands that understand the importance of going the extra mile when it comes to communication, so that they can get in touch with highly targeted audiences by leveraging community groups across the country.

The solution

The RedHab social media management platform allows brands to create up-to-date content calendars so that content can be automatically posted to retailers’ social pages and Google My Business profiles.
It allows stores to integrate their social media communication with brand-generated content, and ensures that their profiles are always active and up-to-date.

35 milion

The number of Italians who log in to at least one social platform on a monthly basis

210 thousand

The average number of followers 200 stores attract


The number of businesses with at least one active social channel

The first platform connecting brands
to local retailers’ social pages

A personalized environment

Each brand has a personalized, branded dashboard linked to all the social media pages and Google My Business profiles of all their stores and retailers.

Each individual store has private access to the platform and is able to preview the content plan generated by the brand.

Stores can also use RedHab to plan their own content independently.


The brand’s marketing office or communication agency can quickly and easily create an editorial content calendar and schedule content which stores can use on their pages.

Posts and campaigns are published on each store’s social pages and Google My Business profiles based on the schedule.

Stores can view all posts before they are published.

Mode of publication

Brands can select their preferred mode of publication:

Planned: posts are published automatically with no need for any action by the store.

Suggested: content is published after the store has approved it on the platform.

Stores can view and approve all brand scheduled content by accessing their RedHab reserved area on the website, or through the RedHab mobile app.

Store clustering

Brands can use RedHab to split stores into different target groups by applying different independently chosen parameters.

They can also amend, update, delete or create new groups at any time.

Content plans can be tailored to individual stores or groups of stores.

Social channels

RedHab allows you to plan and share content on all main social media channels from a single platform!

Social advertising

Brands can use RedHab to plan large-scale advertising campaigns for all their local retailer and store pages from a centralized platform.

Campaigns can be targeted according to different parameters and are funded by “credits”, which are purchased in advance. They also remove the need to link store bank accounts or credit cards to the platform.

Individual stores can also purchase personal credits to run independent advertising campaigns.

Analytics Data

All organic and advertising campaign data can be viewed directly on RedHab.

Brands are able to view data and social media performance indicators both in aggregate and for each individual page.

All reports can be exported to different formats.


Beyond social: RedHab also allows the Google My Business profiles of points of sale to be linked into the platform.

The Brand can thus provide high quality content to its network and effectively preside over the Google channel.

The Brand has access to statistics and master data on Google business profiles, as well as the possibility to consult reviews left by customers.

Our clients

Our selected partners

The platform can be entirely branded and can be accessed from any browser.

Platform clients can have access via a personalized link to their portal, where they can interact with their editorial content calendar independently.


With RedHab you can:

  • Speak to end customers directly
  • Leverage the trust between clients and stores
  • Strategically support retailers with their social communication
  • Monitor interactions and results

  • Strengthen the tie between brands and the local area

Why choose RedHab

A new platform

RedHab is not just a social media publishing platform – it offers all the services you need.

It works on thousands of pages

You can independently connect RedHab to a minimum of 10 social pages up to a maximum of 10,000. It is simple and intuitive to use.


RedHab has developed an Agency dashboard from which communication agencies can create personalized environments independently.

You only pay for what you use

The service works on a pay-per-use basis. You can, however, decide to increase your budgets/services at any time.

Made in Italy

RedAbissi was founded in Italy. Our software is developed in Turin. We have an international team that supports clients worldwide.

Personalized customer service

Our customer service offers telephone support for every brand, every client and every problem.

We analyze your posts

We use both the Meta Token and APIs to connect to social channels. This means we can offer more services and more accurate analytics.

Your social campaigns

RedHab allows you to create different types of advertising campaigns on single pages, multiple pages, groups or directly on your dashboard.

Store set up

A dedicated team will set up and support stores. You can leave it with us.

Reach your goals

With RedHab, you can find out who is using your content, which results you have achieved, how different communities are made up, and you can analyze single or aggregate data.


Our results

We have surveyed over 5,000 local retailers who have connected their social profiles to brands using RedHab.

the posts published with no changes
the average growth of local communities
the increase in the number of interaction on our clients’ pages

Our offers

A tailored offer for every dimension, from brands to communication agencies.

RedHab Brand

For all the brands that want to reach their end consumer and make their content available to stores
  • Branded platform
  • Customer support available to brand & stores
  • Store training included
  • Pay per use
  • Service can be extended to retailers

RedHab Agency

For communication agencies wishing to offer their client an extra service, without the extra work
  • White label
  • Branded platform for each client
  • Dedicated “Agency” environment
  • Personalized support
  • Price and volume lists

RedHab Partner

For all RedAbissi partners and distributors
  • Tailored distribution agreement
  • Pre-sale support
  • Standard offer templates
  • Recurring commissions for the duration of the client agreement
  • RedData access

Invest in your future

RedAbissi has opened its crowdfunding campaign.
We do not use fundraising platforms – we would rather be in direct contact with people who choose to invest in us.
This is why we created 40 RedBoxs.

What is a RedBox?
Each RedBox makes you eligible for premiums paid annually to subscribers for the next two years. It also gives you the possibility to convert every RedBox to ordinary RedAbissi shares.

Our world is digital

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